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 We welcome all who want to join us as believers in the Lord Jesus Christ and His redeeming work of grace for all of mankind.  We believe God’s Word with great joy and hope!

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Becker Christian Center

We are a non-denominational church located 7 miles north of Becker, Minnesota, just south of County Road 16.  We are a country church that has been blessed with 12 acres of land on a beautiful site with a pond and plenty of room to run around.

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Our Mission

As a group of Christian believers we love the Word of God and the God of the Word.  We have found faith, life, and blessings in walking with our Lord and desire to share this life with anyone who loves that Lord or is looking for a relationship with their creator God.  We are not real big and consider it a blessing that we know everyone and share relationships with each other.

Jubilee Christian School

One of the main ministries of our church is a K-12 Christian Day School.  We have over 50 students in our school and work at a solid Christian Education that will prepare them for life and future learning.  We accept students from other churches and have a delightful student body of believers and future leaders.

Pastor Ken & Kris Hanson